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Clerk:  Cynthia Bryan
Phone:  810-564-7052
Fax:  810-686-8856
Email:  cbryan@viennatwp.com

Deputy Clerk:  Angie Thygesen
Phone:  810-564-7077
Fax:  810-564-7078
Email:  athygesen@viennatwp.com

The Township Clerk’s Office is a frontline point of contact for the public.  Customers contact the Clerk’s Office to obtain general information and access historical documents, as well as to exercise their right to vote, obtain business licenses, search cemetery records and receive notary services.  Below you will find details on a selection of the varied duties and responsibilities of the Clerk's Office.

Official Archive Administration: The Clerk’s Office is responsible for the retention of all official records of the Township.  Records are kept in accordance with the official Records Retention Policy developed by the State of Michigan.  Interested parties may view official Township records during regular business hours.

Requests for information submitted under the Freedom of Information Act should be directed to: Angie Thygesen, FOIA Coordinator, 3400 West Vienna Road, Clio, MI  48420.  More information regarding FOIA requests can be found on our FOIA page.

Elections: The Clerk’s Office is responsible for administering all elections held in the Township. The Township has approximately 10,100 registered voters assigned to 5 precincts all of which vote at the Clio Senior Center, 2136 West Vienna Road, Clio, MI  48420.  The Township currently has more than 100 certified election inspectors to staff the polls and carry out the functions of an election on Election Day.  The Township Clerk’s office works extensively with the State of Michigan Bureau of Elections, the Genesee County Clerk's office and surrounding Township officials in the administration of elections and voter registrations.  For more information including becoming an election inspector, absentee balloting, and election results please visit our Elections page.

Boards/Commissions: The Township Clerk is Clerk to the Township Board and the Election Commission.  Communications or requests for these boards should be directed to the Clerk's Office.

Cemeteries: The Clerk's office is responsible for records maintenance, grounds maintenance and scheduling of burials at West Vienna and Pine Run Cemeteries.  For more information on West Vienna and Pine Run Cemeteries please visit our Cemetery page.

Notary Services: The Township Office provides notary service to the general public. This service is currently free for Township residents and $5 for those residing outside the Township limits.  Customers interested in notary services should bring the document to be notarized and current picture ID.  Please ensure the document is fully completed, but DO NOT sign the document prior to presenting it for notarization. 

Licensing: The Township Clerk issues licenses for fireworks displays, transient merchants, used car, used equipment and junk yard facilities.  Please see the Licensing page for more information.