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Turn off Sprinkler


Sprinkler systems shall be activated on May 1st of each year, unless a written request is delivered to the Township Sewer and Water Department for a different period of time, or unless the sprinkler system meter is activated by consumption. 

Notification must take place by April 10th each year to provide notice to Genesee County WWS of your request.  Should consumption occur after your request, the meter will be turned on, initiating a turn on fee and the meter will remain activated for the balance of the season ending October 31st.  Each year the same procedure must be followed.  Your letter of request from the previous year is no longer in effect at the end of the season.

Requests may be sent by mail to Sewer and Water Department, 3400 West Vienna Road, Clio, MI  48420, emailed to lneal@viennatwp.com or submitted online by clicking here.