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Open Burn Information

Call 810-686-5432 Before You Burn!


A Burn Permit is no longer needed in Vienna Township.

The Clio Area Fire Department requires everyone to call the Burn Line before you start your fire at:
(810) 686-5432

B U R N I N G  G U I D E L I N E S  A N D  T I P S

Fallen trees and brush are the only items that residents are allowed to burn.

You should clear an area around where you are going to burn to help prevent the spread of fire. Do not burn when it is windy due to the fact that sparks can start fires a great distance away from the original fire. An adult must attend the fire at all times and must not leave until the fire is completely extinguished. Monitor children and do not allow them to play near or with the fire. Keep water available at all times.

Cooking fires in a gas or charcoal grill and campfires in a metal container made specifically for this purpose as long as they are small does not require you to Call the burn line. Campfires and open cooking fires are allowed but must be monitored, kept to an acceptable size and attended to at all times. Campfires should be in a container designed for that purpose or a fire pit.