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Genesee County Home Improvement and Urgent Repair Program


Genesee County offers an Urgent Repair Program for eligible low-to-moderate income homeowners. The program assists with costly repairs related to the failure of a septic system, well, furnace or roof.

Whole home repairs are also still available through our Home Improvement Program. 

Urgent Repair Program

The program was created to fill the need for homeowners with urgent component replacement needs in a quicker timeframe.

What qualifies as an Urgent Repair?

  • Roof Replacement (may include gutters and chimney)
  • Water (well replacement or municipal water hookup)
  • HVAC (furnace Replacement utilizing Helping Neighbors)
  • Septic (replacement of failed systems)

 How does the Program Work?

  • Homeowner applies through GCMPC’s website at gcmpc.org
  • If the application is approved, a GCMPC Rehab Inspector will visit the property to assess the situation
  • If the Inspector determines that the project can be completed within the parameters of the Program, the project will be bid out to a list of pre-approved Contractors
  • Urgent repair applications are given priority over the HIP applications (whole-home repairs)

How does the loan work?

  • This is a deferred payment loan – no payments, no interest
  • A lien is placed against the property to secure the loan
  • This is not a cash loan – GCMPC pays the Contractor directly
  • The loan is paid back when the client sells the home / transfers ownership / vacates the property
  • Funding for these loans comes from the County’s annual allocation from HUD

Who qualifies and how do you apply?

  • Must be the owner / occupier for a year
  • Low to moderate income household
  • Taxes / mortgage / insurance must be paid current
  • Can only participate in HIP or Urgent Repair Program once

Apply at www.GCMPC.org and click on the “Improving Communities/Housing” tab.

You can also click here to take a look at their brochure!